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A Roaring in the Wind, by Robert Lewis Taylor

A Roaring in the Wind, by Robert Lewis Taylor

Being a History of Alder Gulch, Montana in its Great & its Shameful Days
In 1857, Ross Nickerson, a young man with-as the deans of Harvard College describe it-"an undue bent toward mischief," leaves school and his wealthy New England inheritance in search of broader fields for his adventurous nature.
Drinking, gambling, dueling, killing and breathless adventure are what he finds in the mountains of Montana. Miners, mountain men, thieves, Indians, saloon girls, gamblers, quack doctors and stern vigilantes are the people he encounters. And one young, beautiful, untamed daughter of the West.
The ingredients that made THE TRAVELS OF JAIMIE McPHEETERS a worldwide success-sheer entertainment carved out of authentic history, with a rollicking humor reminiscent of Mark Twain and Bret Harte-make A ROARING IN THE WIND a rich and racy tale for all who love an exciting story, nostalgia and rip-roaring drama.

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