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Mylo Xyloto #4 (of 6)

Mylo Xyloto #4 (of 6)


Issue:# 4 
Cover Date:Apr '13
Cover Price:$3.99
Current Value:$4.00 

Based on the best-selling album by Coldplay! The rock 'n' roll saga of Mylo Xyloto continues, as Major Minus perfects his plan for a mind-blowing power grab for ultimate control over the citizens of Silencia. Meanwhile, the mysterious Fly ignites a spark in Mylo, introducing him to a new universe of unimaginable possibilities. However, Mylo's newfound freedom and bonds of loyalty may very well be put to the test sooner than he expects. 


  • Details

    Major Minus is stirring the citizens of Silencia into a paranoid frenzy, and with nowhere else to go Mylo Xyloto goes underground only to come face to face with the Sparker Rebels, who are gathering forces to fight the final battle in the Great War on Color. 

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