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Rules of Prey, by John Sandford

Rules of Prey, by John Sandford

The "maddog" murderer who is terrorizing the Twin Cities is two things: insane and extremely intelligent. He kills for the pleasure of it and thoroughly enjoys placing elaborate obstacles to keep the police befuddled. Each clever move he makes is another point of pride. But when the brilliant Lieutenant Lucas Davenport--a dedicated cop and a serial killer's worst nightmare--is brought in to take up the investigation, maddog suddenly has an adversary worthy of his genius.

This is the breakthrough bestseller that introduced Minneapolis cop Lucas Davenport-and John Sandford's deft touch for heartstopping suspense.
Sleek and nasty...A big scary, suspenseful read, and I loved every minute of it." (Stephen King)

Original Title: Rules Of Prey

ISBN: 0425121631 (ISBN13: 9780425121634)

Edition Language: English

Series: Lucas Davenport #1

Characters: Lucas Davenport, Jennifer Carey, Quentin Daniel, Sister Mary Joseph, Carla Ruiz.

Setting: Minneapolis, Minnesota (United States)

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